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Astéroid strike when join empire

I had a question for the reset. If i create a avatar and the I join a empire and teleport to the empire dose the asteroid will still strike my native world or it get cancel at the same time i join and teleport. I feel like the planet should no be destroy if no one play there.
The asteroid will only spawn for the world your avatar first spawn on.
The asteroid will still impact your world, unless the solar system decays.

A solar system decays if it has no cities or units in it, isn't on any active avatar's Land, and hasn't been visited for longer than a week. Any damage caused by an asteroid is removed when the solar system decay. When the solar system is regenerated, it will be as it was when it was first generated.

Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Ok thanks for the answer Deantwo.

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