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When Will Shores of Hazeron Be Done?
People ask me, "When will Shores of Hazeron be done?" or they say, "I'll play Shores of Hazeron when its done."

A good friend and colleague once said to me, "Development on a software project stops immediately before it is removed from the marketplace."

I suppose with most one-and-done games, that is the moment it goes to the marketplace, since that is its terminus. No further development typically occurs after that point, unless its a big hit. Then a sequel is created and released using the same development model.

That model works if you have a big budget, teams of people, and a schedule. I have none of those.

Another old friend used to say, "Fast, cheap, good: pick any two."

Shores of Hazeron is alive and evolving. As a software project, it is undergoing active continuous development. That development is carried on by one person, me, every day, usually ten hours per day. I don't have the luxury of vast sums of money so there is no quality assurance team to sniff over every change I make. You get it raw from the compiler most days, with minimal testing.

But when will it be done?

A few months more than five years ago I put a halt to this project. It had been free to play on line for several years prior to that. Many people came and went in those early years. A lot of them had a great time playing Shores of Hazeron.

The dark time ensued. For a few months, there was no Hazeron.

Five years ago, in response to public demand, Shores of Hazeron was brought back on line. This time it cost money to play. It has been on line since that time, with few down times. I only recall one person requesting a refund in that five years; we did so promptly without dispute. Other than that person, a lot of people had a great time playing Shores of Hazeron.

Soon the universe will be reset The universe was reset February 27 2020, perhaps for the next five years or longer. We are going to have a great time playing Shores of Hazeron.

You are welcome to join us, or just keep waiting until this thing is done.

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