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Client Installer and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
Installing the client is proving to be tricky on my new Windows 10 (home) version.     Specifically, the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 is failing while indicating a newer version is already installed.     I have also been unable to independently add it to my system as I get the same error (looking for work arounds now).   Is there a reason why the client can't use the latest MS Visual C++ distributions?.      Seems to me this could be a barrier to play for many if work arounds are required for client operation.

PS - I am assuming that the following client launch error is related to inability to use older libraries? (Shader linking error - image attached)  .

This error also freezes the client windows and requires entering Task Manager to quit the processes.

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Well I have done everything I can to resolve this myself to no avail.
In case of registry issues: I uninstalled ALL MS VS versions. then reloaded final version of each
(note the 2019 version now overwrites and consolidates all versions 2015-2019. -
Reloaded SoH - same issues as stated above.

Interesting side note... I was able to enter Hazeron Commander and see most things until I hit the Cities governance icon (inside the F12 window) - I immediately get "Shader Linking Error" - "Failed to link AnimalGlobe shader.
This is a critical error. The program must abort."
(01-11-2020, 03:42 PM)Snowmantis Wrote: Installing the client is proving to be tricky on my new Windows 10 (home) version.

Maybe a stupid question.
But did you download the Windows or Windows32 version?
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Confirmed - I downloaded the Windows (64bit) version.

This is a new gaming rig - I really have not experienced any other issues with loading and running other games. Even older ones that use MS Visual C like "Sid Meiers CIV"
Two GPUs?
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Confirmed this appears to be GPU related where there are two GPUs in the system.

Using the WIKI and the reference link I was able to follow the intent of the linked information even though it is a little outdated. Essentially I disabled the 3D preference within the onboard Intel GPU then told NVIDIA to be the preference for 3D as well as specifically "ADD" the Hazeron executable to the NVIDIA control panel (Manage 3D settings> program settings tab).

Dean...Thank you for pointing me in the right direction !!!!

Bug Fix request - Since the program threw an error, perhaps some error handling would help the end user as I am obviously not the first and will not be the last with this error.

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