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Building Volume & City Reports
I was doing some heavy building on a moon (1,800m) and was having trouble increasing population. I was trying all sorts of crazy things, but then I noticed something about "building volume" affecting morale. I was checking the city report pretty frequently, and this particular morale modifier would only show up if I checked at the exact time the population increased from 0 to 1. After I noticed this, I started doing some research on building volume, then ended up destroying a bunch of stuff. After this, I took a short break, but I returned to see my population steadily increasing, and that nasty morale modifier had not reappeared.

This definitely deserves more testing, 'cus something isn't right.
[Image: 1078755.png]
If you hover over the panorama of the world, on the building placement window, you will see the limits as well.
It is quite easy to hit the volume limit on a 1800m world, especially if you use any kind of megastructure, such as a biodome, or platform.
Potentially related to this:
[Image: 1078755.png]

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