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Asteroid Problems
So, some suggestions, coming from someone whose homeworld was just destroyed by an asteroid.

  1. More Warnings!! I know the tribal stargazer says something, and I was told the Observatory can tell you something, but that's about all I knew. If there was some mail message or mission like the "Getting Started" mission to alert players to this imminent threat, I would have been much less surprised by this.

  2. Make the ETA for Asteroid visible somewhere. Maybe you can check it from the Observatory or Solar System map.
If I wasn't in the Hazeron Discord I would've had no clue about any of this. For the sake of new and returning players, let's make addressing this a priority please. ♥
[Image: 1078755.png]
I would really love it if the asteroid was always orbiting the edge of the solar system before it starts its approach. That way we can actually go destroy it before those T-8 hours.
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