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Reference Index for Processes
The Building Code guide and Usage Tips are something I find really useful in the designer.

More reference material in the main game would really help with planning your empire. All the info is there in the code and databases, so I would really like to have a window where you can look up the material requirements, tools, modifiers and base time to run any given process. Perhaps you can check and uncheck modifiers to see their effect. It would really help with setting up larger scale production chains and broker shipments, and I'd use it a lot. 

Ultimately I'd also like to see an "empirical" usage chart which you can set up at a concrete city: i.e. you tell a city to "prepare detailed usage report" and it will log a power, food and resource usage flow chart for every building/home/process in the city over a standard period so you can identify bottlenecks and understand shortages at the source. It shouldn't add to the general strain on cities since it the info will only be logged when you request it in advance.
All of my yes! More logistics data please.

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