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Limit Homes in Use
You can limit the number of workshops actually used, when a building has more than you need. This allows you to balance productivity where it is needed without having to redesign buildings each time.

You can't do this with homes - often you will overshoot your target population and incur all sorts of morale penalties unless you solve the puzzle carefully beforehand.

E.g. You have a city with 88 residents, needing 1 cantina, but the public cantina design you use has 3 homes, putting you into the range where you need 2 cantinas.

It would be much simpler and make the design exchange more useful if we could just tell buildings only to use a certain number of their available homes. Just say the government is using its arbitrary power to declare some unfit for habitation or something.
Same can be said for morale buildings and their amount of professional jobs.

Also kinda related, see: (Idea thread) Factory Complexes and Civilian Malls
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