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Asteroids look really cool. Actually, a lot of space-objects look really cool in Hazeron.

We have observatories, but you can't actually observe anything from them. This is a shame, since watching distant planets slowly rise in the sky is half the fun of the game.

What about adding telescopes to buildings and ships? Works like an external camera. Press "E" when you're at the viewing end. Your view becomes an external camera pinned to the far end, but with the difference that the view is magnified to the level specified in the building/ship blueprint and the LOD redrawn accordingly. Perhaps there's also a black circle effect around your scene to simulate what you see in real life.

Could also add a lower-magnification telescope as a personal item. Useful for Space Piracy, together with eyepatches and parrots.

Fun and easy?
Agreed! Would make spotting distant stations/cities on other planets a lot easier!
What even
Make them work like turrets, but instead of a weapon it can zoom in and maybe tell distance.
Kinda double as remote cameras I guess.
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