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Infrastructure and World Volume Limit Change
Fairly simple idea, the first 20 or so infrastructure objects (bridges, aerial platforms, sea platforms, land platforms, biodomes) should not affect the world volume/building limit similar to how the first 20 street lights and fences do not count against you. Why? It makes using these incredibly disadvantageous especially on smaller worlds. Let's say you want to colonize a gas giant with a small core of Sphere 1. You pop up the nice Aerial Platform 820m by Haxus and woah! you just lost 1,370,602m³ out of your 1,625,639m³ total! You have barely any room left for the actual city!

You want to colonize a Sphere 2 moon to mine some sweet resources, but you'll want all the civil and factory buildings under a dome. Pop a few Biodome 300m Level Lawn by Haxus and oh shoot, each of these eats 847,169m³ volume?! 

Even all the way up to Sphere 4 with their limit of 26,010,072m³ your infrastructure is going to take a huge chunk out of usable city space. Why does this matter? Most hostile environments such as moons or gas giants are where these infrastructure projects shine the most and most of these environments are going to be on the smaller world size. Why bother using them when they can cut into so much of your usable volume?

I originally understood why this limit was in place, if they were free people would absolutely spam them, however I noticed that street lights and fences allotted a free amount before they start counting against you and then I decided that would be a very workable solution to preventing spam of these infrastructure projects and still allowing them to be used where they are needed the most, on small worlds.
I'll second this. They are unusable on small worlds in the current model.

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