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Limiting Resource Harvesting to Number of Nodes
Weltreich is gearing up to deploy fleets of up to 20 officered harvesting ships with looping missions per system to replace lost capacity. The lag will be delicious.
The lag will only be delicious if there is no optimization. Also don't forget that limits to officers have been discussed before, that may force it.
Maybe ship harvesters should have diminishing returns implemented. So that they slowly get less and less resources the longer they harvest.

It could be implemented so that it creates a daily limit to the amount of resources that can be harvested. This limit should probably be per resource per world, so we can't just use multiple ships.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Will the lag be that much worse than when everyone needed to use massive merchant fleets crewed by officers to sustain their economy? That was another balance point that I liked. Your economic strength and capabilities was limited by the number of habitable worlds you controlled.
None of these are really good solutions. Each could be gamed with enough bots/officers/screens.

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