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2019-11-08 Gen4 Avatars, Fence Materials
I must be a certified self flagellating masochist to post these kinds of things on a Friday afternoon. The servers were struggling and needed to be rebooted. So I scraped things together as best I could and posted an update. I've been working toward that goal for the past couple weeks; let's hope things are really ready.

The servers have been struggling for some time now. I mostly ignored them while I worked on the new creatures. They cannot be ignored any longer. If no major problems develop before Monday, the heavy server load will be my primary mission next week.

Gen4 Avatars
Generation four avatars are now ready for use, barely. Use them at your own risk.

I tried to put sensible limits on gen4 avatar DNA. This resulted in a lot of controls getting disabled or limited in options. You should be able to make useable humanoid avatars with the options available. As I complete more of the gen4 animals, more options will become available in the DNA editor.

There is no option to upgrade gen3 avatars to gen4 in this update. A little trial period of new avatars using gen4 DNA would help to root out any disastrous bugs, before letting people nuke their existing avatars. The option to upgrade gen3 avatars to gen4 will probably be in the next update. The functionality is already there; I have used it myself.

Poses still need some work. Running looks girly. Crouch creeping and belly crawling are not animated at all. These are minor things.

Fence Materials
I built a small farm of stone. It required 14 stone and 36 logs, for the fencing!

I observed this bug some time ago. It finally drove me crazy. The calculation for adding fence material to a construction process was modified to ignore most small bits of fence.

The farm now requires no logs to construct, only the 14 stone.

Crew Garb
Crew look funny sitting around in their space suits all the time.

Officers and crew will now appear in clothing, without their suits and helmets, when the air is breathable and the ship condition is green. If the ship condition is yellow, they will wear their suits but not their helmets. If the condition is red or the air is not breathable, they will wear their suits and helmets. The visor of their helmet will be closed if the air is not breathable.

Troops wear their helmet when the air is not breathable or the ship condition is red. They always wear their suit, regardless of conditions. The visor of their helmet will be closed if the air is not breathable.

Passengers wear their helmet and suit only when the air is not breathable.

This is only for appearance. They always have the benefit of the armor they are wearing. It just helps them to look better, knowing they could don their armor at any moment.
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