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2019-11-05 Server Crash
Server Crash
A manager server crash on Sunday caused a total collapse of the server grid. Unfortunately, this happened while I was out of town.

Yesterday was spent getting things running again. I was in the middle of changes on Friday that had to be finished before I could restart the servers so they were down most of the day. I added two days to all active accounts to make up for the down time.

Avatar Inventory Crash
The personal inventory of one person's avatar is broken and causing a server crash.

That avatar has no inventory of any items atm. I sent him a private message.

The broken inventory data is safely preserved. I plan to examine it this morning to see if it can be saved. I am sure that some of it can be saved, just not sure about all of it.

My biggest concern is finding out what happened. It may have been caused by a crate storing a gen4 avatar head, but that is just a guess at this moment.

Primeval World
Indigenous people in primeval world are now fully clothed and they will not mate with the player. A clever person could trade them something for their clothing but that nakedness would not enable mating.

Body Pose Bugs
Some bugs related to body poses were fixed.
For some reason system im in is very laggy when i enter or leave vehicles/stations or just because
I want to create an account to play, but account creation has also been down and appears to still be down. I was told it was back up but just attempted with no luck. :(
Thank you. I will get right on this.
I found the cause of the avatar inventory corruption. The bug is fixed. Unfortunately, bounty information was lost from some heads.

I have communicated privately with the player about restoring their inventory.
Web cgi programs needed to be updated due to a version change. They were not. This prevented them from communicating with the login server.

They are ok now. New account creation is working again.
When new cratures are fully implemented, will it be possible to roll a new body/dna for existing avatars?
Existing avatars will be able to upgrade their DNA.
(11-07-2019, 01:44 AM)Haxus Wrote: Existing avatars will be able to upgrade their DNA.
Excellent, I'm excited to try it out.

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