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2019-10-31 Animal Poses
(11-11-2019, 04:58 AM)resonkinetic Wrote: I've always thought of Shores of Hazeron as a rugged version of Spore where you can actually, you know, do things. Hazeron has a lot more depth but it's just harder to get into and maintain.

agreed. spore is such a disappointment in that regard. the cell and animal creators are so much fun but the game itself sucks

i really do wish we lived in an age where sharing software and assets was more encouraged. i can only imagine the sorts of cool things people would have done in the past ten years had the spore creature creator been open source for anyone to adapt and add on to and use in new ways in all sorts of cool games. instead every game in existence has to reinvent the wheel or be made in unity (which has unbelievably crappy free assets anyway)

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