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2019-10-31 Animal Poses
(11-05-2019, 03:08 PM)Haxus Wrote: I recommend not dwelling on it.
Much as you want this to be true, somebody WILL hook on something like mating poses, and use it to try to bash you out of existence.
Better if that would NOT be something widely regarded as questionable. Then you will at least have a chance to fight back.

That is aside of already mentioned arguments.

Not to mention, NOT having such content in the game will increase its availability to the world at large.
Hilarious, a bit more Picasso than I was expecting.
The range is too large for sliders. Most things have a range of 1 to 5000mm.

They are spinners. You can mouse wheel them.

i love you. game of the year every year. oh my god. everything i checked at first only went to 999 so thats where i slowed my roll but now.....
I just double-checked, to be sure. Almost every spin control uses a commonly defined maximum of 5000mm.

It seemed big enough, much larger than needed to make any avatar or space monster. They are unsigned short integers, so the max could be 65,535. A creature with a 65m femur would be pretty big.


When you add an odd number of breasts, the odd one is centered between the first pair, to make a row of three. Others form pairs down the abdomen. There was a female character in Total Recall that had a row of three, also in Futurama.
i think what confused me is that im so used to typing in a number larger than what is allowed and it jumping down to the highest allowed number instead. (ie, typing in 99999, and it going down to 5000, rather than limiting it at 999.)

breasts are cool, but i wanna see the freaky deaky shit you can get out of adding weird numbers of eyes and mouths and stuff. (have you ever played spore? i almost wish you were going with a system like that, if only to make it easier to make a one-million-beaked bastard orb. also, spore has LOTS of juicy juicy procedural animation, which is helpful for making these abominations look somewhat alive)

(...i seriously hope you've seen spore before...)
I have never seen or played Spore, though players have mentioned it many times over the years.

There is no box of free canned bone animations out there, to my knowledge. I have to work them out, one by one, in a way that works for lots of geometric possibilities. The work is slow.

Maybe the Spore developer would like to collaborate.
unfortunately, i think maxis (devs of spore and the sims) have closed. plus, they were owned by EA, so... unlikely to help, unless you reached out to individual devs or something.

i've said it a lot in the discord, but spore and the sims have creation systems that are really super similar to hazeron, except they're much more user-friendly

i'd definitely recommend playing both! they're janky, but great. people say sims 2 is the best, i dunno, i've only played sims 3. sims 2 got the best music, though.

fun fact: spore beat you to the whole 'mating and sorta onscreen sex' thing by a decade!
You know, I had totally forgot about spore.... It was certainly more cartoonish in the mating thing though.

On a side note, I am certainly looking forward to making a great winged serpent/dragon creature when other skin types go live.
I've always thought of Shores of Hazeron as a rugged version of Spore where you can actually, you know, do things. Hazeron has a lot more depth but it's just harder to get into and maintain.

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