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2019-10-31 Animal Poses
I recall viewing, understanding, and enjoying naughty cartoons at the young age of 11 or 12. It is a part of life, hard for kids to avoid, even back in the day. Now with Internet it is in their face right away. I don’t believe anyone as young as 12 would be traumatized by the cartoons of SoH.

17+ is a testament to my prudish old age. It probably could be lower. I don’t know what laws are out there to restrict this sort of thing in all the various places people might play the game. It at least serves as a warning to potential players, that nothing is off limits.
Sex is an underlying theme of many great stories, and at least a part of most of them. It is central to our lives and biology. It elicits powerful emotional responses.
(10-31-2019, 08:57 PM)Haxus Wrote: 17+ Warning. Pornographic. Do not open this link if you do not want to see it.

[Image: HRnuur7.jpg]
Violence? Rape, pedophilia and bestiality are not possible in SoH. NPC adults are always consenting when they have sex, as indicated by their responses. There is no way to force another creature to participate.

Violence has existed in SoH since its inception. A player can already murder another player or NPC, eat their flesh, make clothing from their hide, and keep their head as a souvenir. Their genders are not a factor at any moment during that ordeal.

Sex is not violence.
watch them try
This is a difficult one. If you removed all the effects of sex from western literature, you wouldn't have a whole lot left.

But that's the effects. Less is more here. The number of great, emotionally engaging works of art where sex is depicted literally is very small, because, even among stunningly attractive people, the sexual act is - to an outside observer - often bathetic, disappointing and even comical. And in a written medium, your "throbbing members" get old pretty darn quick.

Watch some great romantic films. You get suggestive camerawork, a lush soundworld paired with vague visuals, fading to black. Watch some tears-and-wheezing-inducing comedies: the number of "literal" sex scenes will be much higher than in serious works. You're going to get well lit, stable camerawork of people getting their pants stuck, women looking shocked and appalled, men with smiley faces sprayed on their chest with whipped cream, Sally faking it in a restaurant. The only literal, warts-and-all depiction you're going to get of sex which isn't comedy, is porn. That doesn't have a whole lot of emotional value.

I have to tell you now that Hazeron's looking towards the latter end of the scale. Cartoon characters going at it with the rhythmic precision of a wind-up jaw-snapping crocodile is going to elicit uncontrollable giggles in Youtube playthroughs, not awed silence like we just watched A Brief Encounter. That's not your fault, it's a programming marvel that you've done this it all - that's just sex in video games, unfortunately.

Violence, another powerful dramatic tool, is abstracted in Hazeron. You don't actually see your knife cut its way through flesh, fat and bone on the way to someone's heart. You swipe and they fall. Sex used to be like that too. I think it still should. If you want to make it more narratively powerful, some kind of fade-to-black with a swell of music might to the trick. But in a game where the narrative never takes control away from the player, even for the tiniest animation like opening a door, I admit that's going to feel cheesed.

So what exactly to do? I don't know yet. This is a pretty cool idea, but I'm afraid it's not going to achieve what you want - not unless your future hired artists can massively outperform the still-90%-hilarious-fail sex scenes we get in AAA games.
Well then... now you can literally play as Cmdr. Shepard, or Capt. Kirk.
How will this affect non-humanoid creatures? Will there eventually be a way to define custom animations?
What other actions may be included in the new creature's animations?
I forget how cross polination works in Hazeron. Are different species capable of "coupling" although without the ability to reproduce?
(11-01-2019, 03:27 AM)Haxus Wrote: Nobody would have taken this thing seriously. Now there’s a chance.

The old "male mount female while both are naked" was simple and silly.
But I still think the whole "sex pose" thing is a little too much.

Instead you could just have the screen blackout for the player for a little bit and then fade back in. No poses needed, and nothing too graphic for younger players.
The actual procreation mechanics would still be there and sex would still be a thing in the game. It just isn't visual for players. Nothing is lost and you don't have to force a so high minimum age.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
This mating pose and even the naked stance feels like some really weird and wrong porn... If you go with gen4 then I'm all with the removal of suggestive mating scenes. Or simple solutions like Dean's (skipping the scene with a blackout). Not because it's "sex" (it's obvious it's not a valid reason) but because :

A) It's ridiculous at best, horribly frightening at worst.
B) It will drive players away and make parents perplex, driving even more players away even though this game's not really violent or sexual. Kind of the animation glitches of Mass Effect Andromeda : the game's good, but people often forget it for one little thing which bother them.

Regarding the gen4 models, I'll make my opinion when I'll see the creatures. Gen4 humans are weird, but can be improved. If gen4 creatures are worth it, it won't be a problem.

PS : Don't take it personnaly please Haxus, I can't say exactly what I want in english so it can sound harsh while I just want to be frank and direct.

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