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2018-07-31 Building Volume, Beam to Buildings, Nerf Old Designer
Building Volume Limit
Building volume limit is now scaled according to world surface area.

The basis for size calculations is an Earth sized world having a building size limit equal to that of the largest single building or spacecraft. The building size limit for other worlds is scaled linearly from that, according to surface area. The building limit on ringworld arcs is 1/2 of that value, to keep the sizes somewhat balanced.

Morale penalty is -1 per 1000 cubic meters of building volume in excess of the maximum, rounded up. e.g. 1 to 1000 cubic meters excess = -1 to morale, 1001 to 2000 cubic meters excess = -2 to morale. There is no limit on this morale penalty.

The following table shows the numbers for each size world.

Sphere 1, diameter 1,894m, area 11,268,913m² = max 11,269 population and 1,625,639m³ buildings
Sphere 2, diameter 3,788m, area 45,075,652m² = max 45,076 population and 6,502,554m³ buildings
Sphere 3, diameter 5,682m, area 101,420,217m² = max 101,420 population and 14,630,603m³ buildings
Sphere 4, diameter 7,576m, area 180,302,609m² = max 180,303 population and 26,010,072m³ buildings
Sphere 5, diameter 9,470m, area 281,722,826m² = max 281,723 population and 40,640,676m³ buildings
Sphere 6, diameter 11,364m, area 405,680,870m² = max 405,681 population and 58,522,556m³ buildings
Sphere 7, diameter 13,258m, area 552,176,739m² = max 552,177 population and 79,655,712m³ buildings
Sphere 8, diameter 15,152m, area 721,210,435m² = max 721,210 population and 104,040,000m³ buildings
Sphere 9, diameter 17,045m, area 912,781,956m² = max 912,782 population and 131,675,712m³ buildings
Sphere 10, diameter 18,939m, area 1,126,891,304m² = max 1,126,891 population and 162,562,560m³ buildings
Sphere 11, diameter 20,833m, area 1,363,538,478m² = max 1,363,538 population and 196,700,672m³ buildings
Sphere 12, diameter 22,727m, area 1,622,723,478m² = max 1,622,723 population and 234,090,080m³ buildings
Ringworld with 5 sections. Arc 229,814 x 17,850m, area 4,102,166,484m² = max 4,102,166 population and 295,884,256m³ buildings
Ringworld with 10 sections. Arc 229,814 x 17,850m, area 4,102,166,484m² = max 4,102,166 population and 295,884,256m³ buildings
Ringworld with 15 sections. Arc 229,814 x 17,850m, area 4,102,166,484m² = max 4,102,166 population and 295,884,256m³ buildings
Ringworld with 20 sections. Arc 229,814 x 17,850m, area 4,102,166,484m² = max 4,102,166 population and 295,884,256m³ buildings

Building Volume Indicator
The construction window now shows the current total building volume on the world and the world's building limit. This appears as a sort of progress control, with a growing strip of city buildings against a blue sky. At 90%, the sky turns yellow. At 99% the sky turns red. The tool tip shows the actual volume numbers.

[Image: SkyLine1.png]
[Image: SkyLine2.png]
[Image: SkyLine3.png]
[Image: SkyLine4.png]

Beam To/From Building
When using a transporter station in sensor mode, you can select the new style buildings individually but the transporter won't energize.

Fixed code that collects transporter destination specifics at building target.

Old Designer Nerf
It is time to let the old designers go.

The command line options "-spacecraft" and "-building" now launch the new designer, instead of their respective old designers.

The buttons to launch the stand alone old designers were removed from the launcher in a previous update. If you still have an older launcher, those buttons would have continued to work until this update. Now those buttons will launch the new designer instead.

The buttons to enter the old style designers were still present on old style design studio buildings. Those buttons were removed. Only the button to enter the new style designer is there now.

This was one of those rare and joyous opportunities to remove old code. The net loss to the code was 31,338 lines, 2.4% of the total code base.

This does not affect existing designs, spacecraft or buildings. They will continue to function, manufacture and build normally.

When the servers go down, anyone inside an instance of an old style designer will be stuck in limbo when the servers are restarted. Their working design will be lost. They can be rescued easily.

Construction Labor Rollover
The labor value for construction processes was a 16 bit number, which meant it could not exceed 65,535. This was adequate for old style cities but it is not enough for the new buildings, which can be very large.

Construction labor value is now a 32 bit value. It should accommodate the largest building projects.

Morale From Lounges and Stores
Military bases now tally civilian lounges and stores on their world, for morale calculation.

Rocket/Missile Burn Time
The engine burn time of rockets and missiles was increased to 10 seconds, to give them more range. It was 5 seconds previously.

Large Rocket/Missile Acceleration
The engine acceleration of large rockets and large missiles was increased to 800m/s/s, to give them more range. It was 500m/s/s previously.

The acceleration of small rockets and missiles remains unchanged at 1000m/s/s.

Server Deadlock
A server deadlocked when a crewman used a turbo lift at the same instant the spacecraft was damaged.

Changed method for controlling atoms moving in a turbo lift, while it moves to a new stop.

Transporter Crash
A server crashed when a transporter was energized.

Fixed bug in test for shields at transport destination.
Thanks for all this. Look forward to testing missiles again to see how they work.

Quote:"Morale From Lounges and Stores"

So, do military bases count their population together with the civilian one? If I have enough lounges for 100 people, and I have 100 civilians already, do I need new lounges for the soldiers? Or do they count separately, so those lounges would suffice for 100 of each type?
The military shares the lounges and stores with the civilians. They are not taken or allocated to one or the other. They just count double.

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