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Harsh Environment Buildings
Nearly all existing harsh environment designs don't work in most harsh environments anymore. My guess is that the change to volume/process increased the number of processes each building had, which increased the required life support.
This was a side effect of the volume threshold changes, so a second home didn't take more volume than the first. This allowed many designs with multiple homes/offices/whatever to have more of them, which increased the life support requirement.

Existing buildings using those designs will not be affected by the change.

I just got done tweaking all of my building designs, refinalized them, and republished them. It was a little tedious, with 40 designs, but it wasn't too bad.
If you can't re-finalize all blueprints server side.

Can you then maybe un-publish all blueprints with life-support that was published before the volume changes? It would be better to have few working public blueprints, than many broken public blueprints.

You can even un-publish all blueprints from before the volume changes if it is, so we don't get so many reports of issues with number of offices and such in buildings.
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