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Picture Thread 2.0
Another day over Saphire Ring station.
[Image: w6uz1s5.png]
Looks like a lot of overlapping shield bubbles in that picture - what's the setup there?
It's just a bunch of my shuttles powered up waiting to be taken off, under the station.
[Image: Shores-of-Hazeron-2020-01-31-00-23-52.png]

[Image: Shores-of-Hazeron-2020-01-31-00-36-08.png]
Dawn of a new day.
[Image: qf5gJrQ.png]
So the past few days since I returned I've been fiddling with the new designer, and been working on this puppy

Its a fairly small corvette, only about 5 decks, but its taken me like 5 days so far to get it to this stage. I'd love to add integrated consoles instead of the swivels, but I just don't have the patience to add that fine amount of detail just yet (plus I have an asteroid coming down to say hi in about 2 days xD):

Also..."that is no moon", the view of my space station from my planet's surface (WIP):
(04-26-2019, 06:15 PM)leadphalanx Wrote: I've been working on my interior prefab set quite a bit over the last week.  I will make a thread about it once it's 100% complete, but if you want to mess with an early version you can find it on the discord.  Everything is UV mapped and on the grid for ease of construction.  The 3 bridges have an interior mesh, an outer hull mesh, and a window mesh.[/img]

That's advanced autism.
Very nice.
[Image: unknown.png]
One of my moons has been bustling.

[Image: PlByp7m.jpg]

[Image: PAwQfdh.jpg]
This thread has been silent for too long

[Image: Hazeron-Oct-26-2020-18-08-36-382.png]

[Image: Hazeron-Oct-26-2020-18-13-41-894.png]

[Image: Hazeron-Sep-24-2020-15-47-44-236.png]

[Image: Hazeron-Oct-7-2020-17-22-46-298.png]

[Image: Hazeron-Sep-27-2020-22-57-52-944.png]

[Image: Hazeron-Oct-9-2020-19-56-28-814.png]

[Image: zi4-QIGI1a1.jpg]

----View from that moon----
[Image: Shores-of-Hazeron-va-ZXtr-E8-FR.png]
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[Image: Hazeron-Starship-00qzrc-Bk-Kp.png]
Not a time lapse! 

[Image: Planetoid-fast.gif]
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[Image: Hazeron-Starship-00qzrc-Bk-Kp.png]

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