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Repository Uploads - Comments
(04-17-2021, 12:42 AM)Kami Wrote: Hey thanks, that's my favourite ship. I built the interiors first just by adding the rooms and every room inspired me to do something new in there, it was a big learning experience. Then I just made the left side of hull in three stacked boxes with lots of vertices and shaped it into that, adding extra hull bits and pieces until I'd built one full side of the hull, then I copied it, mirrored it and joined it all together. The main weapons are skewed like that so the ship can attack during exit maneuvers. I really love it and all my ships in my game are based on that design. It's almost too complete though, it's stopped me from creating anything new. I've learned a lot about the designer since so my next one will be even better! Plus I will probably end up editing the Marauder and animating everything, fixing some messed up textures I've seen, and adding more defined buttons for doors.
I also built a full player mansion with interiors and a garage and lift and a space station based on the old Solar Station designs as I remember them from before the severs were shut down, check them out!

Oh yeah you can tell you were having fun when designing this ship. 
I'll check out that solar station plus that Mansion.
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