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Friend (& I) cannot create new/activate old account?
Hello there Haxus.
I LOVE the work you have put into this game, and I adore the amount of freedom I have without having to follow a pointless storyline! Keep up the amazing work!!

My bug is strange, I looked through the first 4 pages of the Forum's but couldn't find anyone else reporting the same issue? 

Yesterday and today, my friend and I have been trying to play together. First my friend tried (from Japan) to create an account - didn't work.
New Accounts Unavailable

Due to technical difficulties, a new Shores of Hazeron account cannot be created at this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.


I thought the problem was with his location, so I tried aswell - from Canada. Still no luck. Same error as above.
Did I miss an important notice somewhere? Or is account creation disabled due to "spam" account creators. (Saw mention of this on the forums, "updates" page(?? I think) when I was doing my, "skimming" xP

I mean, it's completely understandable either way (if yes or no) - just curious about when account creation will be back up :) so my friend and I can play this glorious game once more!

All the best,

Ps. I am also a game designer by trade. All I have to say is simply WOW to the amount of work you have been able to get done over the years.

Pps. I have posted a screenshot of the error from my phone, but it is the same error on pc browser.

Ppps. I feel like this is honestly just you trying to replace Captcha with Captcha V2 - if so, my apologies for making a useless bug post xD

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Friend (& I) cannot create new/activate old account? - by RectumTosser - 11-04-2019, 07:03 PM

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