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2018-08-29 Empires Lost, Environment Query, Buy Company Spacecraft
Empires Lost
A player started a new avatar and created a new empire. After a few days, their empire was gone.

Fixed an error in an SQL statement that caused all empires created since the 8/17 update to be lost. Those lost empires will show up as "Forgotten Empire 1234", where the number is the empire's unique id.

I sincerely apologize for any work that was lost as a result. If you were affected by this bug, I will gladly credit your account with two weeks of activation time. Just communicate your situation to me somehow: this forum, email, in game.

The empires that were lost are impossible to recover. They never got saved anywhere.

Lost empires will have to be recreated. I can help to change the empire of any buildings you already built. If you have not built a military HQ, doing so with your new empire will change the empire of all existing buildings on a world. If you can claim the world for your new empire, that will also change the empire of all existing buildings.

No Echo to Voice in Primeval World
In primeval world, the voice comm channel can be opened but none of the things people say show up in the channel. There are messages on the screen but they aren't in the comm channel window.

Fixed an error in some code that handles comm channel window visibility changes.

Enemy Primeval Healer
Why is the healer my enemy in primeval world?

Changed avatar initialization in primeval world so it no longer assigns an empire.

Damage|Destroy Buildings Diplomatic Incidents
When buildings are damaged or destroyed a diplomatic incident should be created.

Created diplomatic incidents to report damage and destruction of buildings. Added these to the war criteria dialog. Created a scroll area on the war criteria dialog because of the number of controls in the list.

Cryo Survives Recovery
A ship was destroyed. When the wreck was recovered, it still had all of its cryo passengers.

Destruction of a ship now empties the cryo berths.

Destroyed Buildings
Buildings with no hit points continue to burn and appear intact. How can I visually tell that a building is toast?

Destroyed buildings (0 hit points) now draw themselves as a partial framework of burnt boards, like when it was under construction. The wreckage of the building smolders but it does not burn. Fire and acid are removed.

Fyi, buildings are immune to complete destruction if there is a military HQ on the world. To destroy every building, they must be destroyed in this order: military buildings except HQ, HQ, civilian buildings except capitol, capitol. The capitol building is immune to destruction as long as the city has police.

To conquer a world that has a military base and one or more cities, the base must be destroyed. Then you can claim the world for your empire; that changes all remaining buildings and cities to your empire. Then build your own military base.

Environment Query
Information about an atom's environment is sometimes incorrect for a split second. This has visible and invisible side effects. The most visible is the blink|flash you see when stepping in|out of a spacecraft or getting in|out of a vehicle.

The fix for this required some data to be managed differently than it was before. A lot of code in many files was affected during days of work. Too bad the result couldn't be more interesting.

I tested this change on the debug servers until I can find no more problems. This is going to result in some server lock ups on the public servers; there's a lot more going on there than the debug servers.

I waited until this morning to update the servers, to give me the entire day to ride this out. Please be patient.


Travel Via Wormholes Crash
Open the UI to add a mission order. Select the travel via wormholes order. Client crashes.

Fixed crash when querying current sector.

Cannot Climb Ladder
When I attempt to climb a ladder, my guy seems to grab it then lets go right away.

Fixed environment query error related to ladder wells.

Fighter Thrust Sputters
When using the thrusters on a space fighter, sometimes they sputter on for a bit before shutting down. This can be deadly.

Fixed client/server vehicle throttle sync bug.

Cannot Buy Company Spacecraft
Go to spacecraft factory. Try to purchase a company spacecraft. Nothing happens. No response.

Fixed backward empire 0 test when purchasing a company spacecraft.
what you should really do is fix the movement lag from external objects.
... first, as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses its power to rain death upon the land, and then it dies. However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns, this time, as a great hero.
More thanks, more thanks for all the fixes.

I notice that ladders don't actually care which way they are facing. You always orient to the gravity well instead. 

Could that be changed? It makes it impossible to have, say, a ladder leaning against something on a building, or a horizontal crawl space, without solving lots of artificial gravity puzzles.
I don't understand about the ladders. A ladder path can go at any angle with respect to gravity.
I'll check this for you; you may be right. But, unless you've changed something, what I remember is that while you will always climb the distance of the path, if the path is not parallel to the direction of gravity you will end up climbing off at a tangent.

I've prepared a .SoH file which demonstrates the issue. You do not climb along the ladder path, but rather against the direction of gravity. Thanks for your reply, Haxus - I'm always sorry to pick holes  Confused

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