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2018-08-17 - Haxus - 08-17-2018

Doc Did Not Put Out Fire
I got lit on fire. I went to the sick bay. The doc bandaged my wounds and sent me on my way, still ablaze.

NPC doc now uses water from the ship's hold to douse fire on the patient. If no water is available, he recommends you stop, drop and roll.

Fire now appears on the patient on the surgery station screen.

Doc Doesn't Make Sense
"asphere8, I can't heal your wounds; the pharmacy is out of medical kits. Treatment of your Reward 42,268.5¢ is going to be risky."

Fixed construction of doc's statement about treating your other conditions when no med kit is available.

Use Water to Extinguish
When on fire, I can use water to douse the fire on myself. The button on the gear window does not indicate this, like it does to decontaminate acid.

Gear action buttons when water is selected will now show an extinguish button if your body is on fire.

Stop Drop and Roll
School children are taught to stop, drop and roll if they get lit on fire. That should work.

If you get lit on fire, you can now go prone and crawl around on the ground to put it out. You can't actually roll; though perhaps you should be able to.

Fyi, not new. You can also submerge your body in water to put out a fire.

Healer Bandage
Healer at the village still insta-heals, instead of applying a bandage.

Healer now applies a bandage instead of healing your body instantly.

Bandage Q Failure
Deantwo suggested that the bandage should perform a quality check each time it heals and fall off on failure.

Bandage now falls off if it fails a quality check at each healing interval.

Star Map Lock
Star map locks after the last update, suspected to be related to the signal strength of emissions from unexplored systems.

Fixed infinite loop when drawing signal strength bars, a dumb mistake made when some code was removed just before the build.

Transient Passengers
Cities fill their population to the max. This presents a problem for passenger haulers. Most developed cities will not have any empty homes to accept passengers. With no empty homes, you can't drop them off so you can't then pick up new passengers. There is no way to trade arriving passengers with departing passengers.

Cities now allow a transient/homeless population, up to 15% of total homes in cities and 30% of total homes at military bases.

Transient population is moved as quickly as possible to empty homes.

Transient population creates a negative morale penalty for homelessness.

Passenger Load/Unload Limit
A small strange bug: I cannot offer more than 244 cryo travellers for disembarkation at once.

Passenger and other board/debark orders were using a single byte for the count. Those orders were increased to a 32 bit number or 16 bit number as appropriate.

It is likely your order was to debark 500 cryo travellers. That number would have lost the ninth binary bit, valued at 256, resulting in 244. i.e. 500 - 256 = 244

City Population Update
80k citizens were added to a city a few intervals of 20 minutes ago, population on the standings page hasn't changed.

Triggered a database update when the city population changes. That should fix the problem. We'll see.

I was tempted to change the scoring on the empire standings pages. It was suggested that worlds with cities|bases might be a better measure than citizen population. I agree. Does anyone want to weigh in on this?

Report Cryo Travellers
A small thing I've noticed too: ships don't report the number of cryo passengers in mail or when hailed.

Ships now report cryo passengers in their comm status report and officers report them in their ship's log.

Helmet HUD a Screen Element
Is there an option to make the helmet HUD appear in Shift+Escape mode?

A setting was added to the Scene page of the Settings window to enable the helmet HUD when the screen elements are disabled. The default is enabled.

City Under Attack by Prisoners
My city thinks it's under attack because I left some pirate troops there on a captured ship.

Troops aboard spacecraft are no longer seen by cities as invaders.

RE: 2018-08-17 - pizzasgood - 08-18-2018

"Doctor, you have to help me. I'm burning up!"

"That's a serious ailment. When did you first notice the symptoms?"

"Approximately fifteen minutes ago. There was a mishap with a birthday cake. It's been happening ever since and I don't know what to do!"

"I'd normally prescribe water, but we appear to be out at the moment. Have you tried rolling around on the ground a bit?"

"I considered that, Doc, but my knees aren't what they used to be, and this is my good suit. I have a ceremony to attend later today, you see."

"Hmm. Well, in that case might I suggest a jaunt through the airlock? A dollop of vacuum can do wonders for acute oxidation, you know."

"Golly, Doc, that's a grand idea!"

RE: 2018-08-17 - Slaxx - 08-19-2018

there is a bug.

quellix industrial unit, when added, required like 200-300 more workers than it actually does.

RE: 2018-08-17 - Deantwo - 08-19-2018

(08-19-2018, 01:08 AM)Slaxx Wrote: there is a bug.

quellix industrial unit, when added, required like 200-300 more workers than it actually does.

Not a bug.
The blueprint is just not all that well designed.

Assuming you mean "2820302 Industrial by Quellix The Second", then its stats (according to the exchange) are:
81.219m³ Commodity Storage, 956.073 Units
13.222m³ Office Space, 33 Offices
39.665m³ Shop Space, 40 Shops
It adds 33 office jobs, but you only need one office space for the design to be valid. That means you are throwing away 32 jobs on nothing.
Assuming this is an old design from before the volume changes, then it might have EVEN MORE offices now that aren't listed on the blueprint before you build it.

If you don't know the blueprint, I suggest you don't use it.
If you need some reliable blueprints, use the ones made by Haxus, they are at least mostly reasonable.

RE: 2018-08-17 - Slaxx - 08-19-2018

i did use the blueprint properly before. it never showed problems, it was one of my favourite designs. but due to the new update, it seems to be bugged now.
just saying.

RE: 2018-08-17 - Deantwo - 08-19-2018

(08-19-2018, 01:44 PM)Slaxx Wrote: i did use the blueprint properly before. it never showed problems, it was one of my favourite designs. but due to the new update, it seems to be bugged now.
just saying.

The bug is only that blueprints weren't re-finalized when he changed the volume increments.
It is annoying, but not a bug.
It did not affect buildings that were already built, only the ones built after the change.

See: http://hazeron.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=137
And: http://hazeron.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=149

I suggest you just make your own version of the blueprint and fix the high number of offices.
Or you can ask the person that designed the blueprint to re-finalize it.

Anyway, it is kinda unrelated to this update. I suggest making a bug report about it if it is an issue you can't resolve yourself.