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Full Version: 2022-05-25 Play Rating
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Play Rating
Play rating setting was added. It is located on the Scene page of the Settings window.

Four play rating options are available.
  • Everyone - No mating. No nudity.
  • Teen - No mating. Nudity ok.
  • Mature - Mating ok. Nudity only while mating.
  • Adult - Mating ok. Nudity ok.
Servers Down
Something went haywire on the server grid. The SQL server stopped talking to the servers. An unknowable amount of data was lost. This may feel like a rollback happened.

Oddly this happened on the debug servers as well, which are not at the same location as the public servers.

It may have been related to some severe storm activity in the area. I don't know.

I took the opportunity to rebuild the servers with the latest changes. They are all updated, including the login and mail servers.
The play rating setting does not exist in Hazeron Starship. It is hard-coded to run with the Everyone play rating; play rating is not optional there.