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Full Version: 2022-01-13 FYI
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I am in the process of bringing the Shores of Hazeron servers back up. Their new home is currently being prepared.

Reconstruction of the server rack is also needed. The computers have been sitting cold in my barn, right where I dumped them a year ago. If the equipment still works, we'll be good to go.

That is all moving along. Servers will probably be back up by the end of February.
Ooh. Very interesting to hear.

Also really good to hear from you again!
Not sure what happened, but I'm just glad to see you're alive and well friend.
Thank you so much!!!
Great to hear! I've been looking forward to playing again.
Let's gooooooo
Woahhh, this came out of nowhere.
Great news!
Replying to hype up

Btw: Steam or Patreon?
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