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Full Version: Crew Overshoot when Walking
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Crew have a particular problem with navigating ships at the moment. In particular, they often go too fast and walk straight past the place they are meant to go. They then get stuck in an endless loop of turning back on themselves and overshooting in first one direction, then the other.

To my layman's eye, they need to judge more leniently whether they have arrived or not. Then, if the same order is given again (i.e., they are ordered twice to go to the same coordinates) their tolerance needs to get progressively stricter. Perhaps their movement speed should also slow with repeated identical orders. This would mean that they overshoot less often, while the ability to very precisely position them would not be lost.

(CURRENT WORKAROUND: Give them a "stop" order (Ctrl + S) when they are roughly where you want them to be.

EDIT: This could be related to the current extreme prevalence of overshooting waypoints when AI is controlling a ship, too - maybe a more general AI problem?
TBH, this is not a new problem.
Yet, like atmodives, it has periods of greater or lesser intensity.

It's not a new problem, for sure, but at present this problem is more intense than it has ever been in my experience. Usually, left long enough, crew will sort themselves out and find their stations. Right now, even hours later they will still be millling around. It is seriously interrupting gameplay and, I imagine, eating server resources too.

With ship navigation, it's even worse as some mission types simply will not proceed to the next order, no matter how long you wait.
(11-17-2020, 03:41 PM)AnrDaemon Wrote: [ -> ]TBH, this is not a new problem.

Anr is correct, This is not a new problem.


The above is just an example. You'll find multiple posts about it.