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Full Version: Lost almost 10 ships in one week due to "atmospheric stress"
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I didn't have these problems before but since a week or so, ships constantly blow up when approaching a planet or when landing at an airport. I give a mission order to the AI captain, like "orbit over city" and when we get close to the planet it's KABOOM! Ship destroyed. Also happens a lot when landing at an airport. It's always with an AI at the helm. Maybe they approach too fast or something.

The ships we fly cost a lot of resources. It's frustrating to say the least. I would be very grateful if this was fixed. Otherwise I may as well just stop playing cause it's a real game killer.
Today I lost another ship. Orbit over city often means KABOOM! So, you can't jump in the same system as another ship as it will most likely result in a collision AND you can't orbit a world as it will likely result in an explosion AND you can't land on a planet as it will also destroy your ship. And you can't use the transporters 50% of the time as it will result in your character getting stuck and moonwalking. Seems at the moment the only thing you CAN do with a spaceship in this game is staying away from planets and playing cards and the Guess the Number game. Sigh :-P
This is indeed a very annoying bug. The starship is basically at the core of the gameplay in Shores of Hazeron. If you can't reliably use ships then all the other features become pretty meaningless. Exploration becomes nearly impossible unless you stay away from planets. Anything logistics related becomes extremely tedious because of all the randomly lost shipments. The majority of players in Hazeron are here because they are willing to look past some of the faults, and I include myself among them. But at this point these bugs, like the above mentioned "random ship collisions during warp"-bug, render the game practically unplayable.
What type of maneuver drive module was installed on the spacecraft? Rocket drive or gravity drive?
Did the spacecraft have a manned engineering console?
This bug is still happening. I've lost about five ships that I was running to ferry stuff to this and it's turning me off.
(01-05-2021, 07:45 PM)Zensras Wrote: [ -> ]This bug is still happening.  I've lost about five ships that I was running to ferry stuff to this and it's turning me off.

Why not just use broker shipments?

But yes, it is still happening. Especially in systems affected by the weird server-side lag, it seems to hit AI performance a lot so they react too slow to avoid danger when piloting.
Im pretty sure Haxus is doing some kind of time dilation thing that needs to have a throttle limit so the AI can fly adequately.