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Full Version: All AI Crew reactions lags.
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Last few days everything my crews were doing was often VERY laggy. Not laggy on my side, but their. Examples:
- Crewman can't stop at path nodes - they simply walk further for one-two seconds, then turns back, and then again walks back one-two seconds longer after he reaches node. Result: they simply can't move around ship, walks into walls, can't get to their stations.
- Crewmen stops ships with delay after reaching waypoints. Today I've observed ship landing. It nosedived into ground, and continued for few seconds with engines on, before realizing it's too far, then leveled, ascended, tried to land with very delayed reactions, which was both funny and sad to watch.
No idea how they are handled by engine, but it looks like due to some bug there's some (way too big) delay between checks for their waypoints maybe?
I have noticed that this is particularly bad at the moment, too. Suggest merge of this thread with mine, which I initially thought was confined to AI crew's personal navigation problems , but appears to be seriously affecting ship navigation, too. 

No doubt this is a big cause of the recent spate of Atmodive complaints.
Yes. very bad ...right now I'm 15 minutes into a 10 second warp drive upgrade  Rolleyes