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Full Version: Shipments Confusing New Players
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It is way too often that new players think that broker shipments cost money to send. If we had a government account like in the old days I guess it could, but as it is right now it is just confusing.
As long as the broker shipment price is only for manual shipping, hide the cost from the shipment creation dialog, it simply isn't necessary information and causes confusion.

Same can be said for the TEU count. It makes no difference and doesn't matter at all for automatic shipping. It is a cute little counter though, but while it has no use outside of manual shipping it just adds to the confusion.
I guess you could add something like a TEU per hour limit per office or something, but I doubt it is really needed as it would just mean more buildings and more separate shipments.

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PS: Can we also get a confirmation on shipment travel speed? It is unclear if it uses empire's best warp drive technology or if it is always warp 1 or 2c.