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Full Version: Manual Self-Destruct
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It has always annoyed me a little bit that there is no way to manually self-destruct a spacecraft, without giving the spacecraft an order.

My best idea has always been about making the power relay station able to do it, and it might be useful to be able to stop a self-destruct sequence too.
See: https://www.hazeron.com/wiki/index.php/P...ay_Station

The basic idea would be to have power plant shunts enabled and route all power to a specific subsystem. Then the ship just damage its own power plant at an execelerared rate, causing it to explode in 180 seconds (minimum self-destruct timer).
You can already do so, by overclocking every shunt, every converter, and routing all converters into one subsystem. I think I used to do this by routing it all into the life support