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Full Version: Allowing the converstion of .ship to .mdl for usage in new designer
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I pitched this idea in discord today during work and I honestly want to see this happen.    I know Haxus checks this section now and then in a blue moon,  but if nothing else I'll personally pitch into the patreon just to bug him.

I want to see us being able to convert our older ships into a model for the new designer.

Now before Haxus comes and goes "oh hell no we're not going back",   I want to make this clear: I am asking for the ships MINUS modules to be turned into a model that can be revamped and reused for the new system.    We will still have to do a lot of leg work ourselves.    Many designs of ole can be redone to look very cool for the new system and I honestly have some designs from a former syndicate member who passed away several years ago (Ross) that I would love to see ingame once again with a fresh coat of triangles and paint.

Many of the issues with the current designer is the fact it is not new player friendly.   It takes some time to learn and to be used.   We're currently working with a lot of imports and people who know what the hell they are doing.   I can see this as a way to help as a base and another way of getting more blueprints in the blueprint database.