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Full Version: Recall/Repair ship from void dimension
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Hello, when I try to recover my ship from stasis im given a message saying I need to travel to the void dimension to recover it. 


Same here. This only started happening very recently. Proof:
[Image: L1H5p6j.png]
This might be related to Haxus having renamed the zones to dimensions. (Link)
Are these ships destroyed a long time ago? Or recently?
I dont know exactly when I lost mine, I let my account run out a bit ago and just picked the game back up.
Mine happened yesterday. Prior to the earth dimension update I was able to recover ships just fine.
Accidentally threw my ship into a star last night, in the Peace Dimension.
Attempting to respawn my ship in the War Dimension correctly told me that I had to go to the Peace Dimension to respawn it. But once I was in the Peace Dimension, it again said to go to the "Void Dimension".

Sir, this spacecraft is ready to be recovered from stasis in the Void Dimension. You must go to a repair shop in the Void Dimension to recover the ship.
The welcome back message from the ship is also saying "Void Dimension" to me.
Weirdly enough I get no welcome back message when I am in the wrong dimension.
Randomly lost my 100 billion volume ship that took 32 days to build because it took 29 freezing damage when exiting a warp jump and got instantly destroyed. Probably collided instantly with an asteroid or something the second we started slowing down.
Currently trying to recover it but it says that it's in stasis in the void dimension and nobody knows how to get it back.
Unbelievably mad that my flagship is just gone, worried that if this is ever fixed all the stasis ships still can't be recovered.

It was saying it was in stasis in The War Dimension just last night and now it's not.
[Image: DjrbYZ9.png]

I am suffering from the same issue. It is quite frustrating! The ship died while I was offline; I am trying to recall it from the same star system it died in.