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Full Version: Rather than hire a minion
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Would it not be more flexible and financially viable to hire in freelance work on an NDA basis?

i.e - I need someone to create character models. will pay X for the job
    - I need some default ships designed for the blue print exchange. (voluntary)
    - need bug stompers for a 3 month job - will pay x
    -  I need someone in timezone X to maintain the server when I'm getting my beauty sleep.

it means you can get the work done as you need without having to hire one "jack of all trades", or hyper focussed skillset.
if you want to tinker at your leisure you just can without having to pay someone to make the tea.
you get highly skilled people to do specific jobs really well without having to hire a bunch of people.

I dont know - just an idea.
Considering how I currently understand the way Hazeron is Developed this "Odd-Job" model might work better
If you want the game to look consistent, you can't rely on random people crating random stuff. This is more applicable to visible game art.

Related to coding, given the nature of the project, hiring somebody for a full day job would be more viable, as it takes time to dive into an actual codebase. Long time.
I get that. The suggestion was to start out on the odd job basis before committing.
Art things would be fine. Haxus would just give direction, suggest changes etc and only put it in if happy.

Theres a whole industry based on this. It works.

Coding, yeah i get that, especially if its all custom code and a bit spaghetti like to an outsider.
Sound design, art stuff, 3d modeling and more can be freelanced.
It works for one-off jobs. Been there.