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Full Version: BG Music/ambient sounds and Ship designer idea
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BG Music. Unless Ive got some setting turned low or off i dont tend to hear much. Hazeron is a fairly quiet game.

A bit of ambient sound or even some free source bg music might be good to add atmosphere? if not to hard to add that is.
I tend to listen to like lowfi space sounds or chillstep type stuff when playing. it does add something.

I know there is some ambient sounds like rain, wind etc but im thinking more like jungle sounds in wooded areas, animal noises, rumbling volcanic sounds on inferno planets etc.

Ship designer allows for super unique and pretty ships, but is not user friendly at all.

My suggestion would be to have a hybrid of old and new.

Old designer to do interiors, doors, berths, weapons and all that jazz; then use the super intricate new designer to build the outer hulls.

again im no game dev, but as a player, my opinion is that these things need to be a little bit accessible without having to be on youtube/forums/ a cad designer etc.
Google "Master of Orion II original soundtrack"