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Full Version: How To Report Bugs
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Report bugs and suggest improvements to Shores of Hazeron in this forum.

o Please perform a cursory check to see if your bug/improvement has already been reported. At least skim the first two pages. It's easier for me to get rid of items that I know were fixed than for you to read through pages and pages of bug reports. Recently reported/discussed bugs get the most attention.

o Make a new topic for each bug. Don't put a bunch of different bugs into the same topic. That way I can work them one at a time. One bug per topic enables us to discuss them one at a time.

o The best reports have a brief title that summarizes the problem or improvement succinctly. The body of the report briefly describes what is broken or what feature is wanted. If more details are needed, I will request them. Please don't overwhelm the topic with lots of tiny details; they are rarely useful, often distracting. Save both of us a lot of time; keep it short.

o When a bug/improvement is concluded, the completed topic will be moved to the Closed Bug Reports subforum. It can be revived from there if needed.

o A bug that is closed will not be fixed in your software until the fix is posted. If you really want to know if a particular fix has been posted, take note of the dates on any final comments on the topic to get an idea of when it was closed. Compare that to the updates date on the Shores of Hazeron home page.

o I see every topic posted in this forum regulary. They all get attention. Don't expect an acknowledgement from me to every bug posted. The best acknowledgement is to just fix it without turning it into a conversation.

o Bug reports sent to me via private message are deleted. I've got a lot to do; don't make me cut/paste private messages into this forum.