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Full Version: Broker Shipment Requests
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Allow Brokers to import materials from other cities. Something like this:
Request shipments from another broker in another city which will have to be approved by someone in the chain of command of that city.
Once approved, the shipment is created and sent, like a normal shipment.
My reason for this is so that you do not have to travel all the way to another city to send shipments to a colony city that's in early stages of construction. It would be a lot easier if I could just request a shipment from far away without having to travel there. It also opens up the opportunity to request supplies from allied empires without having to ask them through comms, just send the request(though comming them with a reason why might be a good idea)
get a ship and fly to it not like you have to do anything or just use a cargoship
Actually like this idea.

Allow us to send a shipment request to a city. The owner of the city then simply has to approve the request. If the requester has chain of command over the city receiving the request, the request could be auto approved.

To limit the number of requests, maybe there should be some lightlag time for the request to arrive, and if the request isn't approved within a reasonable time it is deleted.
nah you can just use a cargo ship don't be fools
Both should be possible.
(08-23-2018, 04:48 PM)nightslaysanta Wrote: [ -> ]nah you can just use a cargo ship don't be fools

I am assuming that you are trolling because we were shooting down your other idea.

(10-10-2018, 11:41 AM)Neils Iyssada Wrote: [ -> ]Both should be possible.

Both is already possible.

The only thing we were talking in this thread, and that I talked with 5crownik007 on Discord, is the ability to request a shipment from another city's broker.
See my previous post.
I know Dean ! I just wanted to answer both 5crownik007 and night.
How about scrapping all existing brokers functionality and replace it with actual, you know, brokering?

At the Broker (A) you are posting requests for certain materials.
It could be single materials, or entire packages, they could be limited to empire or open for all.
For open requests, range could be local system or local cluster (this and nearby sectors).
Empire requests could be posted with the same restrictions, plus "unlimited".

At the Broker (B), you see available requests and can accept them to send package or establish a supply route.
(10-11-2018, 01:04 AM)AnrDaemon Wrote: [ -> ]How about scrapping all existing brokers functionality and replace it with actual, you know, brokering?


It would require some extra running around to make a trade route, but I do like the base idea.
I like this idea for the broker. It helps a lot that Deantwo likes it too.

I think this feature could augment the current system of broker shipments. They fill a valuable role, certainly easier to set up by one person. They might not have to be scrapped.

I added it to my to-do list.
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