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Full Version: 2019-11-27 Patents
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Wormhole P FTL Drive Patent Time
The time to develop the first FTL drive seems a bit long.

Reduced the time to develop the Wormhole FTL Drive patents.
  • Wormhole P = 1 hour
  • Wormhole PN = 1 day
  • Wormhole PNN = 2 days
Processes currently developing these patents will have to be recreated, to pick up the change to the development time.

Patents Limit Quality
Someone asked about upgrading the quality of their warp 9 patent. They were concerned that every warp patent would have to be upgraded, from warp 1 all the way up to warp 9, due to the quality limiting effect of patents that are required by a process.

Patents do not limit the quality of output of patent development processes. This is not a new change but it was not clear either. There was no indication of the patent's quality limiting effect at all, which added to the confusion for people who did not know patents did that.

A new modifier icon was created for components that are required and also limit the quality of the output. i.e. patents in non-patent development processes. It looks like this.

[Image: mc_RequiredQ.png]

The tool tip on the icon says the component is required and it limits the quality of the output.

Processes currently configured will have to be recreated, to pick up the change to the icon. They will function correctly without updating, regardless of the icon, because the underlying logic did not change.

Patents Easy to Steal
When an enemy captures a city, they get every patent in town. Buildings keep a library of every patent they might use, making the problem worse.

When the empire of a building changes, the building now discards all patents from its library that are not in use by its processes. If the building is destroyed/ruins when its empire changes, all of its patents are discarded.

Cannot Take Static Item
I placed an item on static display on a building. When I selected it, the Take button did not work. I could not take it off the building. I tried shooting it off and the building lit on fire.

Take button should be fixed now. Needs testing.

All these fixes and rebalances and looking good and makeing me look forward for the next universe.

One unrelated question to the update. Are you planning on making the new DnA/Creature creator availble offline like the ship-editor so people who don't have accounts at the time can fool around with it and make creatures to use when the reset comes?
Something like that would be a good idea. Right now, you cannot even check the detailed DNA of an existing avatar without deleting someone to free up a slot...
I'll add the DNA editor to the options available when entering Primeval World and the Designer.