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Full Version: 2019-11-26 Brains, Server Deadlocks
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How do I eat brains?

Use a knife to butcher a head. It now produces a Bone and a Brain. The brain retains the DNA and inscription of the head, so you know whose it was.

There is no 3D model for the brain yet. It appears as the default bolt-cube model.

Server Deadlock
A server deadlocked last night.

I was happy to trap this one. There have been a number of server crashes recently that could not be traced because the computers were too far gone by the time I got to them. This one crashed on a beefy computer with tons of memory.

The bug was definitely the cause of the deadlock last night and it probably was not the first time. The bug was created while integrating the new animal DNA.

Stock Limit Bug
The stock limit seems to have no effect on some manufacturing processes.

Fixed a bug that affected processes with only one shop enabled. The bug caused those processes to not show their stock limit, even though it was there.

FTL Drive Patents Cost
When patents were introduced, all of them were configured to take 5 minutes. My intent was to revisit the data to increase the time to develop various patents. I did not do this right away so as not to penalize long-time players who already had developed warp 9 but did not have the patents yet.

Time to run FTL patent development processes was increased.
  • Wormhole P, 1day
  • Wormhole PN, 2days
  • Wormhole PNN, 3days
  • Warp 1, 1week
  • Warp 2, 2weeks
  • Warp 3, 3weeks
  • Warp 4, 4weeks
  • Warp 5, 5weeks
  • Warp 6, 6weeks
  • Warp 7, 7weeks
  • Warp 8, 8weeks
  • Warp 9, 9weeks
Body Q
When a creature dies, the Q of their meat and other parts is not consistent.

Creature body Q is now initialized based upon the animal resource Q of their origin world, or the body Q of their mother.

Creature body Q rises and falls after that, based upon the Q of the food eaten.

Juvenile gen4 creatures look like adults.

Fixed growth time calculation for gen4 creatures. A default human takes about 14 minutes to reach adulthood from birth. The failure to provide a reasonable number here (besides 1) was causing the body scale calculation to produce adult sized children.

Removed body hair from faces and underbodies of juveniles.

Changed selection of hair styles so juveniles are clean shaven and so they avoid baldness, which makes them look older.
very interesting! do you have any plans to have brains do anything else? like, for example, requiring brains of an intelligent species (or a scan of a brain) in order to craft targeting systems, or for use in cybernetic enhancements? now that body parts can have a proper quality, could you intentionally feed a creature Q255 food in order to harvest a Q255 brain to make the best targeting systems/cybernetic enhancements? or maybe you could even create robot crew members using high quality brains...

...can farms choose to produce brains now, too?
The only way to get a brain atm is to butcher a head.

Would you like to have a meat processing plant process for making brains?
yeah, it would make a lot of sense. if someone sets their species to only be able to eat brains, and if they couldnt farm them civilization-wide, i think their citizens would starve?
Since it now takes nearly a year to develop warp 9, the patents for it become much more valuable, especially high Q patents.

Before giving your patents away to newbies willy nilly, consider giving/selling them the modules instead. Then they can make a few ships but they can't make the modules.
Meat Processing Plant can now make Brain from Animal Carcass.
ouch! That's a long time.
This makes me want to consider finding really high quality antiflux post reset, on warp 1 or 2 ships, before committing to warp 9 research.
Wormhole craft will certainly be more common early on.

i am now imagining an alien market with outdoor stalls and instead of selling assorted meats and vegetables, theyre all selling... assorted colorful brains from various alien species

i cannot wait to make a terrifying species that eats nothing but brains and blood
Ooh, brain color as a DNA trait?
(11-26-2019, 07:33 PM)Haxus Wrote: [ -> ]Ooh, brain color as a DNA trait?

the discord was also talking about head size affecting brain size, although i have no idea how item size works, so that could be hard to implement

maybe DNA blood color could change meat/brain color? its a pretty classic alien trait!

i know theres a cartilage/bone option, would that affect whether or not a creature drops bones?

edit: speaking of blood... given the new eat options includes blood, organs, and carrion, wouldnt it make sense for those to be meat processing plant options, too? once theyre all implemented, it seems like itd be very easy for a species to starve itself, given how many food options are based on stuff you cant currently get in bulk. how do you fulfill the food needs of a species that needs to eat live animals, for example?
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