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Full Version: Welcome Traveller!
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What can I say to a new player of "the game", as it is often called around here?

Don't let the simplistic graphics turn you away. I usually find myself telling people, "If I was going to paint a portrait, I would not start with the eyelashes." I haven't gotten to eyelash level graphical details yet. Look beyond that and you will discover a rich universe filled with subtlety, depth and dimension unlike every rail-shooter ever made.

Shores of Hazeron is a distinctly separate evolutionary branch of game technology. Traditional "movie-set" techniques could not be used when developing Shores of Hazeron. No off-the-shelf game engine was used, just pure OpenGL. In order to accomplish what the game does, innovative approaches were needed every step of the way. While movie-set rail-shooter games have been flogged to death, the potential of Shores of Hazeron has barely been tapped.

Many dedicated players enjoy steady meaningful improvement as Shores of Hazeron matures. Every year the game grows better than the last. Like traveling somewhere new, every mile lets you see a little farther out ahead, down the road a bit. It's exciting to realize more and more what is coming.

Shores of Hazeron was created by a person who loves art, games, science fiction and computer programming. Spend a little time in Hazeron and it begins to show.

Welcome traveller!

Thanks for playing Shores of Hazeron.