Shores of Hazeron

System Requirements

Shores of Hazeron demands a lot of computer horsepower, both from the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and from the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

CPU Fastest available. Anything less than 2GHz is probably too slow.
A 3GHz or faster gaming computer is recommended.
Multiple CPU cores are essential, the more the better.

GPU OpenGL 3.2 on Windows and Linux. At least 512MB video memory is required.
A modern high performance gaming GPU is recommended, either from nVidia or AMD. 1GB or more video memory is recommended.

RAM 2GB system memory is a minimum. More is recommended.

540MB and growing. Gigabytes of additional space will be filled with cache files as the game is played.

Game Controllers
Game controllers are supported using the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL).
Old-style game port controllers can be used with Microsoft Windows if they are first configured and calibrated using the Game Controllers icon on the Control Panel. We have not found a way to use the old-style game port controllers with Linux. USB game controllers appear to work the best, whether you are using Microsoft Windows or Linux.

Additional Packages

Additional packages may need to be installed before Shores of Hazeron will run.

The downloads page lists any additional packages needed.

On Windows these packages are included in the download for the Launcher. The setup utility will offer to install them.