Shores of Hazeron

Shores of Hazeron Launcher ensures that your Shores of Hazeron files match the current release and it fixes any file altered, damaged or lost. The launcher is the starting point for the Shores of Hazeron game and mail programs.

Download the Shores of Hazeron Launcher appropriate to your computer. Downloads are built for 64 bit CPUs unless otherwise indicated. The download is free.

Shores of Hazeron Launcher Posted* Size in Bytes Packages Needed
Debian 11 March 24, 2022 15:08:49. 4265816 qtbase5-dev
Fedora 35 March 02, 2022 17:52:26. 4271390 openal
Manjaro 21 March 02, 2022 16:21:32. 4262492
Ubuntu 20 March 01, 2022 19:48:10. 4271356 qt5-default
Windows March 01, 2022 19:41:11. 32748983 oalinst.exe (Included in Launcher Installer)
vcredist_x64.exe (Included in Launcher Installer)
Windows, 32 bits March 01, 2022 19:45:31. 29038730 oalinst.exe (Included in Launcher Installer)
vcredist_x86.exe (Included in Launcher Installer)

*Shores of Hazeron Launcher is a small program that is updated rarely. The posted date is when the launcher was last updated. It is not when the game program was last updated, which usually happens weekly. Run the launcher to get updates to the game program and to launch the game.