Shores of Hazeron

Our Promise

Shores of Hazeron, Hazeron Commander, Hazeron Starship, Hazeron Mail, Hazeron Launcher, and the Hazeron Servers are collectively referred to as Hazeron. Hazeron is NOT adware, malware, spyware, or any other sinister ware. Hazeron is exclusively developed, owned and operated by Software Engineering, Inc., a corporation founded in 1995. Software Engineering is in good standing with the Secretary of State of Colorado; our id number is 19951074278 in their freely searchable business database.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the most comprehensive computerized space simulation ever attempted, presenting a virtually boundless science fiction universe, suitable for a high level game of strategic empire building and management. Consequent to the big picture created by the empire building game, a meaningful low level setting develops, suitable for science fiction adventure stories, that involve all players who inhabit the game universe, not just the empire builders.

Every world must present unique terrain, plants, and animals to players of the game. First person detail and perception, coupled with seamless or near-seamless transitions, is required through all the steps of the following sequence, not strictly in this order:

1. Combat life forms.
2. Claim my world.
3. Design free form 3D buildings and spacecraft, including interior spaces.
4. Construct buildings to exploit resources and manufacture things.
5. Enter and exit buildings, on foot or by transporter.
6. Manufacture spacecraft.
7. Board spacecraft on foot or by transporter.
8. Move inside spacecraft.
9. Operate control stations.
10. Takeoff.
11. Fly where I want.
12. Orbit my world.
13. Look out the window.
14. Travel to any of a multitude of solar systems.
15. Orbit a world of my choosing.
16. Land on any world, the precise location chosen by me.
17. Depart the spacecraft on foot or by transporter.
18. Claim the world.
19. Construct buildings.
20. Wage war.
21. Conquer and defeat the enemy.
22. Trigger events that start or continue stories.

We accomplished our mission. We're just making it better now.

Here are some quotes from actual players.

"Great games are rare nowadays. Gems even more rare. And Hazeron is one hell of a gem." · robske

"Hazeron has features that make main stream game developers cry tears of blood." · Martok

"I've always been thoroughly impressed by the technical side of Hazeron. There's a lot of things here that I haven't seen done this well anywhere else! And of course, I met friends through Hazeron who have had a pretty significant impact on me personally. You've really got a masterpiece here, Haxus!" · asphere8

"Most of my time spent playing I would probably say it's the open universe or space mechanics that kept me here. After some thought and comparing the game with others I have liked in the past few years I think it may be something else. Shores of Hazeron was one of the rare games that told a story about you rather than one some writer had written for you....Hazeron was the first game I played that could teach you things about yourself few are lucky enough to learn in a lifetime." · Edward Teach

At news of Shores of Hazeron coming back on line...

"Hazeron is quite possibly the greatest game ever made. Hazeron is the game I craved for countless years, I was ecstatic when a friend showed it to me for the first time. And heartbroken when it went offline. But its back, and I'm happier than ever!" · jstylen

"Oh thank god. has been a long dark past few months trying every game out there. I almost teared up the first time I heard the com tone. lol" · xxqpxx-PMW

"Glad to see SOH is coming back. I honestly have no issue paying $10 a month as long as he is planning to develop the game." · Zephar