Shores of Hazeron

Corridor Kit 1

Corridor Kit 1 by Marrah

Basic Corridor kit

Use however you wish, comes with Door Jig and a single Room

First iteration salvaged from last universe

When pasting corridors, you will either have to remove a few faces from the hallway or use the door jig for connections to each piece.

Do not forget your room voids as i have not included those, and change the grouping so lighting works properly

16 Total Parts
19 Jig, Door
10 Room
11 Room
12 Room
13 Room
14 Room
16 Room
17 Room
2 Room
3 Room
4 Room
5 Room
6 Room
7 Room
8 Room
9 Room
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Tue Apr 5 16:10:43 2022 GMT
That's a very good idea. Thank you.