Shores of Hazeron

Corvette Ibis

Corvette Ibis by Akksul Barram

Small corvette design.

Equiped with light shields, PN WormHole drives and a light energy weapon, this corvette was made for early exploration.


Minimum Manufacture Quality 1
Estimated Cost 1,077,000¢ Using Q1 Components
Landing Orientation: Land on Belly, with +Z Up

Metal Q1 Construction
Unarmored Absorbs 9%+9hp Damage
Framework 0% of Structure
13,225m³ Volume
70m Length
43m Width
32m Height
2,493,532kg Mass
2,243,378kg Equipment
35,000kg Fuel
215,154kg Hull
Model Size
6,141 Faces
6,437 Triangles

3,700m³ Maneuver Drive
Gravity Drive Module Q1
208m/sec² Acceleration
34m/sec² Vertical Acceleration
Power Consumption
0.1998 Terawatts Idling: Life Support, Maneuver Drive, Sensor Powered On. Shields Down.
0.2892 Terawatts Idling with Shields Up: Life Support, Maneuver Drive, Sensor Powered On. Shields Up.
0.051 Terawatts Holding: Life Support, Sensor Powered On. Maneuver Drive Holding. Shields Down.
0.1404 Terawatts Holding with Shields Up: Life Support, Sensor Powered On. Maneuver Drive Holding. Shields Up.
1,500m³ Capacitor
Capacitor Module Q1
Storage 186.23 Terajoules.
1,500m³ Power Plant
Hydrogen Power Plant Module Q1
Ouput 16.09 Terawatts
Capacitor Fill Time 12 sec While Idling With Shields Up
1,000m³ FTL Drive
Wormhole PN FTL Drive Module Q1, Part Id 87
749m³ Sufficient to Engage
Polarities: Positive, Negative
114.16 Terajoules to Engage

500m³ Fuel Cell
17,657 Units of Hydrogen (H²)
10.2 days at 1,726.56 Units H² per Real Day Idling
7.1 days at 2,499.06 Units H² per Real Day Idling with Shields Up
40.1 days at 440.33 Units H² per Real Day Holding
14.6 days at 1,212.84 Units H² per Real Day Holding with Shields Up

Command And Control Module Q1
Command Console, Part Id 22
Command Console, Part Id 23
Engineer Console 1, Wormhole PN FTL Drive Module, Part Id 87
Fire Control Console 1, Energy Weapon Bay Module, Part Id 27
Helm Console, Part Id 21
Navigator Console, Part Id 24
Sensor Console, Sensor Module, Part Id 25
Shield Console, Energy Shield Module, Part Id 91
Transporter Console 1, Personnel Transporter Module, 2 Pads, Part Id 90
Service Panels
Capacitor Service Panel, Part Id 66
FTL Drive Service Panel, Part Id 85
Life Support Service Panel, Part Id 67
Maneuver Drive Service Panel, Part Id 68
Power Plant Service Panel, Part Id 69
Sensor Service Panel, Part Id 70
Shield Service Panel, Part Id 86
Weapon Service Panel, Part Id 71
Status Displays
Alert Status, Part Id 77
Mission Status, Part Id 76
Room Life Support Status, Part Id 74
World Map, Part Id 75
20m³ Life Support
Life Support Gravity Module Q1
750m³ Sensor
Sensor Module Q1
Planetary Range 735,608m Coverage Radius
9.0pc Warp Signature Detection Range if Equipped with Warp FTL Drive
2,000m³ Shield
Energy Shield Module Q1
Absorbs 2,483hp per Side: Above, Below, Port, Starboard, Fore, Aft

Bay 27, 2,000m³
Energy Weapon Bay Module Q1
12 Beam Projectors
Targeting Range 28,439m
Capacitor Adequate for 15 Consecutive Shots of Energy Weapons at Full Power
Example Firing Electron Beam Lens Flawed Q1
One Beam Damage 90-225hp
Full Bundle of 12 Damage 1,069-2,700hp

7 Crew Stations
3 Guards

1 Capt Berths
1 Officer Berths
7 Crew Berths
3 Troop Berths
25 Cryo Berths

100m³ Storage Space
Room for 1,177 Commodities
Room for 0 TEUs

4,112 Total Hit Points
2,374 Structure Hit Points
36 Framework
88 Fuel Cell
17 Hold
2,233 Hull
1,738 Equipment Hit Points
206 Capacitor
9 Command and Control
137 FTL Drive
15 Life Support
510 Maneuver Drive
206 Power Plant
103 Sensor
275 Shield
2 Transporter
275 Weapon

Estimated Build Time 5 minutes, 10 seconds.
207 Capacitor Module
9 Command And Control Module
29 Electronic Part
277 Energy Shield Module
277 Energy Weapon Bay Module
511 Gravity Drive Module
207 Hydrogen Power Plant Module
2 Io Tube
3 Life Support Gravity Module
1 Mechanical Part
633 Metal
1 Personnel Transporter Module
30 Plastic
105 Sensor Module
24 Textiles
139 Wormhole PN FTL Drive Module
Fitting Wrench
Glue Gun
Sewing Needle
Soldering Iron