Shores of Hazeron

Baron Valkas ULVMJC
Berthed Aboard Puddle Diver
Home Airport Terminal at 72.22°E 37.57°S on Kyanite System Alpha IIa
On Line No
On Line Time 5 days, 1 hours, 13 minutes
Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 1

SkillLevel SkillLevel
Architect584 Butcher2
Captain1,286 City Planner370
Combat94 Construction47,337
Driver62 EV Suit6
Engineer5 Fire Control2
Forage74 Handcraft14
Helmsman51 Manufacture1,139
Navigator1 Pilot206
Space Exploration78 Spacecraft Combat8
Spacecraft Operations12 Squad Leader5
Trade114 Vehicle Combat9

Scavenging Avian
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Sun Nov 8 02:53:08 2020 GMT
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Health 25 of 25
Stamina 175 of 175
Hunger 7 of 50

Zenith Iron Works
Zenith Iron Works FlagLeader Emperor Kurast
Reputation 155
Credit Limit 15,550,000¢
Government Target Value 1,000,000¢
Domain Governed By Baron Valkas