Shores of Hazeron

Leader Kyulek OLSCZ
Home House at 1.40°E 11.71°S in Codex VI
On Line No
On Line Time 19 hours, 44 minutes
Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 0

SkillLevel SkillLevel
Captain175 City Planner58
Combat1 Construction669
EV Suit2 Forage20
Handcraft2 Helmsman1
Manufacture196 Navigator4
Pilot1 Sensors341
Space Exploration212 Spacecraft Operations11
Squad Leader38 Trade2

Herbivorous Insectoid
Species Odagarst Biped
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Wed May 13 04:27:36 2020 GMT
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Health 53 of 53
Stamina 143 of 143
Hunger 64 of 106

Odagarst Collective
Odagarst Collective FlagLeader Leader Krusseldorf
Reputation 940
Credit Limit 94,050,000¢
Government Target Value
Domain Governed By Leader Kyulek