Shores of Hazeron

Prime Minister Adobe JZTQNC
Berthed Aboard Amandy SR2
Home Capitol at 84.94°W 15.46°N in New Jersey City
On Line No
On Line Time 1 days, 0 hours, 7 minutes
Stories Started 3
Stories Completed 3

SkillLevel SkillLevel
Captain429 City Planner167
Combat213 Construction11,049
Driver12 EV Suit2
Forage25 Handcraft15
Helmsman6 Manufacture763
Sensors2 Space Exploration97

Omnivorous Glabrian
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Sun Dec 13 00:49:22 2020 GMT
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Health 33 of 33
Stamina 111 of 111
Hunger 64 of 66

United Empires of Peekarica
United Empires of Peekarica FlagLeader Emperor Antares
Reputation 110
Credit Limit 11,050,000¢
Government Target Value 1,000,000¢
Domain Governed By Prime Minister Adobe