Shores of Hazeron

Crown Prince OneFuzzyYeti FZNRPB
Berthed Aboard Sons of Horus Spaceship DeepStar One
Home Capitol at 120.63°W 51.98°N in Luna
On Line No
On Line Time 19 hours, 16 minutes
Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 0

SkillLevel SkillLevel
City Planner74 Combat119
Construction4,857 Driver62
EV Suit10 Forage56
Handcraft21 Manufacture664
Pilot6 Spacecraft Operations22
Trade3 Transporter1

Omnivorous Glabrian
Species Human
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Sat Aug 29 00:35:07 2020 GMT
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Health 50 of 50
Stamina 111 of 111
Hunger 48 of 100

Sons of Horus
Sons of Horus FlagLeader Emperor Abaddon
Reputation 5
Credit Limit 550,000¢
Government Target Value
Domain Governed By Crown Prince OneFuzzyYeti