Shores of Hazeron

Emperor Draago VanCreedy DZXSFC
Berthed Aboard Void Cry
Home Star Fleet Academy at 140.44°W 45.72°N in Alpha Base
On Line No
On Line Time 2 days, 8 hours, 48 minutes
Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 0

SkillLevel SkillLevel
Architect12 Captain727
City Planner462 Combat36
Construction14,369 Driver1
EV Suit160 Forage121
Handcraft10 Helmsman71
Manufacture768 Sensors1
Space Exploration40 Spacecraft Operations29

Aerial Omnivorous Avian
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Tue Oct 13 02:20:40 2020 GMT
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Health 30 of 30
Stamina 255 of 255
Hunger 34 of 60

The Crown of Byrdia
The Crown of Byrdia FlagLeader Emperor Draago VanCreedy
Reputation 110
Credit Limit 11,050,000¢
Government Target Value 1,000,000¢
Domain Governed By Emperor Draago VanCreedy