Shores of Hazeron

AEC Prefab House Small C HEV
by Phoenix
Design Report
Download AEC Family Home C HEV HS.SoH
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AEC Prefab House Small C HEV by Phoenix

Name: Prefabricated House Small Type C

Manufacturer: Arcadian Engineering Corporation

Intended Use: Early Colony Housing

Housing Size: 2x Medium houses

Material Cost: 49 Stone, 2 Textiles, 5 Plastic, 2 Metal, 2 Mechanical Parts, 5 Electronic Parts

Description: This small house is built using standard Arcadian modular containers and has been converted for use as a civilian dwelling. AEC prefabricated houses are commonly used by developing colonies in order to rapidly establish infrastructure for new colonists.

250m³ Home, Medium Space, 2 Medium Homes
Land and Atmosphere with Breathable Air Ok
Land and Atmosphere with Unbreathable Air Ok
Land and Atmosphere in Frigid Zone, Gas Giant Sea and Atmosphere Ok
Land and Atmosphere in Inferno Zone Ok
Sea Bottom Ok
Sea Bottom in Frigid Zone Ok
Gas Giant Core Ok
Intended Use House
Military Barracks
Space Marine Barracks

Stone Q1 Construction
Unarmored Absorbs 18%+18hp Damage
Framework 27% of Structure
356m³ Volume
18m Length
13m Width
10m Height
Model Size
519 Faces
1,321 Triangles

Status Displays
Alert Status, Part Id 2269
Mission Status, Part Id 2270
Room Life Support Status, Part Id 2225
World Map, Part Id 2237
10m³ Life Support
Life Support Module Q1

88 Total Hit Points
87 Structure Hit Points
52 Framework
35 Hull
1 Equipment Hit Points
1 Life Support

Build time estimate and construction process are based on the original design configuration.
Estimated Build Time 19 seconds.
5 Electronic Part
2 Mechanical Part
2 Metal
5 Plastic
49 Stone
2 Textiles
Glue Gun
Sewing Needle
Soldering Iron

55 Total Parts
2269 Alert Status
2228 Automatic Door 2227, Hull Void
2226 Automatic Door 2227, Room Void
2227 Automatic Door
2230 Barrier
2234 Barrier
2248 Barrier
2217 Decal
2240 Decal
2244 Decal
2245 Decal
2250 Decal
2221 Door 2266, Barrier
2223 Door 2266, Barrier
2266 Door
2218 Hull Void
2232 Hull Void
2247 Hull Void
2224 Hull
2229 Hull
2239 Hull
2243 Hull
2253 Hull
2254 Hull
2256 Hull
2257 Hull
2258 Hull
2261 Hull
2262 Hull
2267 Hull
2271 Hull
2272 Hull
2231 Mesh
2235 Mesh
2241 Mesh
2242 Mesh
2259 Mesh
2260 Mesh
2263 Mesh
2264 Mesh
2265 Mesh
2270 Mission Status
2225 Room Void 2222, Room Life Support Status
2222 Room Void
2238 Room
2246 Site
2220 Window
2233 Window
2236 Window
2249 Window
2251 Window
2252 Window
2255 Window
2268 Window
2237 World Map

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