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Returning from years ago
Hello all! I was thinking of returning to the game after many years, and was wondering if someone had the code to try it out for 15 days. For reference (because I can't remember what year exactly) I left the game back when pests, plagues, and other such catastrophic things were added, and quit about 1 month into an incurable t32 virus sweeping all my systems, t32 Norwegian space rats crowding my ships eating my crews, and other such insurmountable problems for an empire half a galaxy away from every other one barely scraping together something like t20 ships. All that I know has changed since then is the removal of tech-based progression (not sure how much of an endgame can exist without it) and the addition of FTL drives making things like that arc ship someone launched to the opposite side of the galaxy far less impressive. So, come on down and even if you don't have a code to share, share some tales with me of interesting things that have happened since plagues, pests, and AI Captains seeking out the caramel centers of suns (please tell me this is gone, I lost far too many ships and resources to the AI's curiosity with up-close fusion observation)!

Edit: Just found the designer, gonna take a lot of caffeine and practice to get a grip on it, but it definitely looks like a system I can bring some of my old dreams to life with. I will miss the simplicity of the old designer, especially since it seems like lots of people make ships now that look worse than before. Custom buildings no longer on a grid system will also mean I can make a nice future-viking town eventually, if I can figure out how to design a longhouse.
Check your PMs, welcome back.
(02-12-2019, 02:09 AM)jakbruce2012 Wrote: Check your PMs, welcome back.

What is you in-game name friend?
(02-15-2019, 08:40 PM)ValenTheOwl Wrote:
(02-12-2019, 02:09 AM)jakbruce2012 Wrote: Check your PMs, welcome back.

What is you in-game name friend?

Jack Katogh

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